Meadowlark Estates Available Lots 

Meadowlark Estates has variety of lots to offer all being at least 2 acres in size. Each offers an abundance of space to bring your home dreams alive; with relaxing, calming, and beautiful views from every direction.

Interested in a lot not in our inventory? No Problem! Let us know and we will inquire in its availability.

Phase Two coming in 2021 offering many more lots varying from 2 to 10 acres in size!

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Our Inventory

Lot 62

Size: 3.67 Acres

Lot 73

Size: 3.11 Acres​


Lot 75

Size: 2.13 Acres​



Lot 77

Size: 3.23 Acres​

S - Sold and/or Built by Montebello Homes

S - Sold and/or Built by another Home Builder